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Initial Meeting & Design Brief

My complete role is to create extraordinary unique hand-made furniture for you – either a single piece of bespoke furniture or a whole set – which meets your functional needs, your stylistic wishes, and enhances the ambience of your home or work environment. You could already have a broad idea of what you want, or you might prefer to give me wider freedom to create a highly-individual furniture design on your behalf. Our initial meeting – usually at your home or in the furniture’s intended setting – is an opportunity for us to discuss possible forms and schemes, look at a choice of hardwoods, and explore the piece’s scale, style, function and features in broad detail.

Table sketch

Design Work & Preparation

My first step on returning to the workshop will be to send you a written specification for the design, containing all the essential aspects of the brief as discussed at our meeting. The heart of my creative work then involves sketching and exploring different design ideas, testing each aspect of form and function for visual coherence and technical feasibility. When the right design concept has emerged and been fully-resolved in all its details, a scale drawing is prepared, or for more sculptural pieces a small scale maquette is made. This will be presented to you with a full specification and quotation for making, so you’ll have full clarity and confidence in the proposals. Open feedback is important, as it is at this stage that designs can be altered in substance or revised in detail to your complete satisfaction.

Table drawing
Chair drawing


The Commission, Making & Delivery

Once the commission is confirmed, it is booked into our making schedule and the timber selected and brought into the warmth of the workshop interior for final seasoning. The making of each piece of bespoke or custom-made furniture is a time-intensive process, taking skill, care, and patience – and I will keep you informed throughout as to progress. When making is nearing completion, I’ll contact you to arrange a suitable date for delivery, and once your furniture is in place I will advise on the best way to care for your furniture.
Detail photo