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Short Courses

Intermediate & Advanced Furniture & Cabinetmaking Course (2 to 12 Weeks)

If you already have some woodwork skills (either as an amateur furniture-maker or in professional carpentry) I am able to offer intermediate and advanced furniture and cabinet-making courses designed to suit your existing skills, and fit in with your own time availability. These last between 2 and 12 weeks.


The shorter intermediate courses (2-6 weeks) revolve around making a fine dovetailed box (2 weeks), an oak side-table with traditional joinery, shaped parts and basic veneering (4 weeks) or a more complex version of the table or sideboard incorporating a hand-dovetailed close-fitted drawer (6 weeks). The emphasis on these courses is the development of a particular set of machine- and hand-skills, so you will be making to designs provided by me (budding ‘creatives’ can however interpret the same design ‘brief’ with their own aesthetic nuances).


The longer courses are of 8-12 weeks’ duration. In addition to the inclusion of a wider range of advanced techniques through making a more complex cabinet, the particular emphasis on these courses is the development of design skills – from simple concept sketches through to fully-resolved scale drawings – in the creation of your own cabinet design. This gives students practice in both creative drawing and professional visual presentation, and also a grounding in the costing and quotation process of bespoke pieces for their own clients.

The course starts with design work: exploring and resolving solutions to a specific design brief set by myself. The hardwood needed is then purchased (we hand-select boards from a local yard), followed by roughing-out and preliminary miling. While the still oversize components are settling down in the drier workshop climate, attention is given to fine-tuning your own bench-planes and bringing your hand-skills up to the requisite standard.


The bulk of the course is then spent making your high-quality cabinet, through which you will learn and improve upon a wide range of skills: high-quality traditional and modern joinery, carcass construction, shaping, laminating and veneering, drawer and door-making, edge-details, the fitting of cabinet hardware, assembly methods and hand-finishing techniques.

Finally, within the duration of the whole course, I’m able to advise students in a variety of aspects of professional furnituremaking, including small workshop economics, basic marketing, exhibiting and client-care.

See a detailed student’s testimonial of his experience of an advanced course in my workshop.


Introduction to Furnituremaking Course (2 wks)


If you are interested in seeing what furniture-making is like but haven’t yet the time to undertake full training, then this introductory ‘taster’ course is for you.

In two weeks I cannot turn you into a fully-fledged craftsman, but I can introduce you to hardwood furnituremaking, teach you some proper woodworking skills and give you a very real insight into the sort of working life a furnituremaker leads.


Using workshop-provided tools, with all materials provided, you will learn to make and hand-finish a small but well-constructed piece (a simple stool, mirror, book-ends or breadboard) which will be yours to keep.


If you enjoy the experience and would like to undertake more extensive training, then your best option would be to join the full 40 week course. (The alternative, for those unable to take a whole year out from existing commitments, is to come back for additional short-courses, so that you can extend your woodworking skills and develop your design and making expertise over time.)

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